Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why should there be an HIV prevention program in Papua?

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There are several points to be considered that HIV prevention programs are absolutely necessary in Papua:
  • HIV prevalence among the Papuans is higher than with other tribes who live in Papua that is equal to 2.8% compared to 1.5% (Papua IBBS, 2006)
  • In areas where the prevalence is difficult geographical conditions is higher than the easily accessible areas (Papua IBBS, 2006)
  • UNAIDS report in 2009 stating that Papua has the possibility arises that general epidemic is an epidemic that swept all ages due to the prevalence rate 15 times higher compared with other regions in Indonesia
  • Only 50 of 100 Papuans who have heard about HIV and AIDS information is complete and correct. With this amount any misconceptions about HIV and AIDS is still found. (WV Annual Report, 2006)
  • Use and knowledge of condoms as a means of prevention is still very low, only 2.8% of Papuans who use condoms during intercourse (Papua IBBS, 2006)
  • Sexual intercourse at an early age occur among young people of Papua. Surveys show the majority of first sexual intercourse carried out before reaching the age of 15 years (Papua IBBS, 2006)
  • Condition basic health facilities that have not been up in various service areas, especially in peripheral areas. (WV Annual Report, 2009)
Although many people believe that conditions in Papua are very concerned that prevention is not deemed necessary, prevention program is still a major need.
Well, therapy is important. But do not forget, before treatment or therapy is started there is an element of compliance that must be considered. To obey, one needs a thorough information. Information that complete and correct, that should be provided.
After all, appropriate therapy in infected persons is also one effective method of prevention.

Written by Willy Sitompul

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